Be Trustworthy

If you’ve never given your parents reason to distrust you , they probably trust you more than you know. It’s everyone else they worry about. But if you’ve broken your parents’ trust and want to restore it, read Proverbs 23: 22 – 25. Look at the things that make parents proud: truth, wisdom, listening to instruction, and trying to understand. Not only will these qualities help you in your relationship with your parents, they will help you with all the relationships in your life.

Begin trying to make these characteristics a part of you. It may take time if you’ve lost your parent’s trust, but once they see you’ve made the choice to change, you can watch your parents’ attitude towards you change. You don’t have to transform overnight, just work on one thing at a time. For instance, if you say you’ll be home at midnight be there. Showing up late with a lame excuse doesn’t prove you are trustworthy. After you get the “on time thing” down, start working on something else. Before long they’ll realise you mean what you say and say what you mean. what a great way to live!

Be Trustworthy has been taken from the Teens Bible.

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