Be A Motivational Speaker.

Public Speaker

Public Speaker

Motivational Speaker

Do you wonder why you find it easy to converse with others whilst seated with them but when you are asked to stand up in front of the same group or other as in what is expected of a public speaker you feel like the ground should open up and swallow you? I mean, to tell you the truth, I feel like that too. You say, “umh, do you?” yes, I do!

Many of us would like to be a motivational speaker or a public speaker of some sort, to be able to  speak without qualms at will as and when the occasion arises but don’t know how. I have come up with this piece to help out in a way.

Whether your presentation or speech as a motivational speaker or public Speaker is to be made to a large or small group, the following three ingredients are essential:
·     Energy
·     clarity and
·     humanity.




 Energy – A motivational speaker must have the   ability to make people want to listen. It’s important to come across as enthusiastic and with a surge of energy above what is being portrayed by the audience.

Clarity – A motivational Speaker  should be clear in their thoughts; there must be clarity of the message and its delivery. This helps others to hear clearly what is being said and enables them to remember later. Have you ever listened to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about?  It’s not a good experience, I’ll tell you that.

Humanity – What can I say, people respond to people and they can relate to what is being said. As a motivational or public Speaker you must bring your sensitivity on board and connect with others. It’s the one thing computers can’t do in today’s world.

The ability to speak eloquently and passionately about one’s subject may not be so easy at first but once you keep on at it, the skill becomes sharper and guess what? very soon, the person becomes a very much wanted commodity.

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