Think Happy

As I sat pondering over life in general and its outcomes a short while ago something became very obvious to me. It is that there are many unhappy lives and of course, unhappy faces in the world today as a result of people’s experiences and subsequently their thought lives.

I reasoned that if much unhappiness is as a result of one’s thought life then it’s plausible to assume that happiness can be achieved the same way.
So this fine day, if you have been prone to thinking unhappy thoughts about the way life has treated you or how you have treated life, ha! I’d like to give you 5 ways to think happy.

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1) Be happy that you are alive!
Your being here today is not your doing. Shout Halleluyah! You are alive. Do you know how many people have passed away within the last hour not to talk of the last day? If you can’t be glad that you have life right now, you’ll have a tough time finding a better reason to be. When you wake up in the morning, don’t just jump off the bed as if something is after you, give God praise that you are alive and healthy. I hear you mumbling, “well, I’ve got aches and pains” and I say, you are not laid up in hospital are you? Be happy!

2) Believe that tomorrow will be better.
As a man thinks so is he. When you think a thought long enough it becomes a truth to you and you will ultimately become what you believe. It’s very easy to know when someone does not think wholesome thoughts about themselves, it just shows in the way they carry themselves. If your thoughts and beliefs are pure, positive and empowering, great things will start happening for you, as your actions, habits and daily routines will be a reflection of these thoughts and beliefs.

3) Re-assure yourself that every step taken is worth it.
Every life experience is accompanied by strength, courage and confidence. The person you are now is as a result of the steps you’ve taken and your experiences in life, for without these experiences you would be an empty book. Even when you fail in your attempt to do good, try, try and try again. Hold your head up high with hope and determination. Remember always that the Lord is on your side.

4) Enjoy the beauty of small things.
Do you remember how you used to see things when you were a child? Even the smallest rose looked so beautiful; it felt so good to be outside with the wind blowing in your face. What I’m saying is this, take the time to enjoy the garden (the World) God has placed you in even in the midst of surrounding storms and danger. He is still able to protect and keep you as you rely on Him.

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5) Feel good about you.
Yes, I said it. Contrary to what you may have been told, it’s important that you feel good about yourself, have confidence in your abilities and what God can do through you. You can neither be happy nor effective without a humble and reasonable confidence. Don’t compare yourself to others; you are not supposed to be a copy of someone else so there is no basis for comparison. So feel good about you.

The last thing I want to say here is, embrace change; don’t remain in a doldrum of unhappy situations refusing to forget the past and all your misdeeds. Don’t even focus too much on the present, forge towards your future, I know I am.

Thanks for staying attentive as always and I sincerely hope this helps you as it helps me.

Bye for now, have an awesome week.

Warm Regards

The Answer to My Question.

A while ago, I asked the following question on my GOA Services face book page
How do you see yourself, as a lion, cat, rabbit or an eagle?

It happened a while back that my very dear cousin’s hubby told me of this incident at an interview held in his office and how the above question had been asked of a candidate who ostensibly didn’t get the job on account of his response to the question.

To cut a long story short, I have the answer and I’m about to share it with y’all.
I feel your excitement and I hear many of my christian brethren saying, “An eagle, of course”.
I understand you because that is what we have been taught. I said the same thing if that is of any consolation to you. However, Ping! Wrong answer.
An eagle wants to soar, high and above everyone else even the boss – do you really think this is the kind of person your manager/boss is looking for? You got me, the answer is no!

I hear someone say, “a lion, I don’t take nonsense. I want to rule”.
Ping! Wrong answer again.
No manager or boss is looking for someone to jump ahead of them and try to takeover or rule them which is how they are likely to see you.

“How about a rabbit then” you say. For the last time, the answer is no!
A rabbit is always scuttling away at the sight of danger or challenges. Nobody wants this kind of person in the workplace. You must be ready to solve problems; solving problems is what brings promotion in the long run.

So I guess we are left with the last option: a cat.
Yeah, I couldn’t believe the rationale myself when I was first told but then I could see where they were coming from when it was explained. So here’s the explanation:
A cat is very flexible and will be whatever you want it to be; it is easy going and ready to learn and take instruction when the need arises. The conclusion here is, whatever your aspiration, be like a cat first, lol (laugh out loud).

I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together this afternoon. Don’t let it end here; make sure you don’t get caught out by the next interviewer who comes your way. Clinch that job ok!
On this note it’s bye for now, I’ll catch you later.

All the best,