How many times have you heard, ” Don’t let your mouth get you in trouble“?
Even having heard that advice, how many times have you let your mouth run out of control? Maybe you went off on your mom and she grounded you for the weekend. Maybe you called your brother a name and he punched you in the nose. Maybe you said something unkind about someone, they heard about it, and now they’ve sworn to get back at you.

Solomon, the writer of Ecclesiastes, is considered one of the wisest man ever. He knew that once you say something to somebody, take it back. Proverbs 18:21 says that ” death and life are in the power of the tongue”. It’s true. Your words are Powerful. They can encourage, inspire, comfort, or explain; or they can hurt, bite, sting, or devastate. Choose your words carefully and make them good. Count to 10 before you spout off a bunch all the insults you’ll later regret. Your words can carry ” death” or send out ” life”! Which will you choose?

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