Are you one of God’s chosen?

You know what it feels like to be chosen. Remember in grade school when your gym class picked teams for sports? Remember when you were chosen pretty close to the beginning? Or maybe you were the last one chosen and you remember that sting. Regardless of what happened to you then, God chose you. And He chose you first. He picked you for just one reason – He loves you. He’s crazy about you. He wants you on His team because He doesn’t want to be apart from you.

That doesn’t mean God hasn’t chosen anyone else or that he loves them any less than you. What it means is that God’s love is so powerful and so perfect, He can love you exactly the same as if you were the only person in the world. He loves you so much, He considers you His own treasure. And because of Jesus, He sees you as holy – absolutely perfect in His sight. What an awesome thing that the God who created everything and is totally perfect in every way actually considers you a perfect treasure.

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