Creating A Successful Marriage

Marriage is teamwork. It requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. Every man wants a good wife and vice versa. So what are the ingredients for a good/successful marriage?

1. EXPRESS YOUR LOVE – Do you really love each other? Do you feel happy and safe when you are with each other? if you said, yes to those questions, then express your love. Show your love through words and actions.

2. COMMUNICATE – Spouses must learn the art of communication and move away from the notion that they should know each other’s minds. Tell each other what you expect from the relationship, how you feel about certain things, don’t beat about the bush unnecessarily when it comes to matters that affect you.

3. BE SUPPORTIVE – Being supportive in a marriage is not just about being there when your spouse is having a difficult time. It is also about prodding each other on to greater heights, offering constructive criticism and appreciating & praising each other when great things are achieved.

4. BE EACH OTHER’S BEST FRIEND – The best marriage is the one where the couple are best friends . A healthy and loving friendship should always be in place first before contemplating marriage. In addition to this, let your marriage be fun-filled and romantic.

5. RESPECT EACH OTHER – For any marriage to be successful, there has got to be mutual respect. Learning to respect each other’s views without uttering hurtful words is a must. The woman should respect the man as the head of the home, and the man should respect his wife in decision making.

6. SHOW YOUR INTEREST – It’s good to show a level of interest in what interests your spouse. If a husband loves to watch a football game, it’s beneficial to both of them if the wife shows or develop an interest in this area as it becomes common ground. Of course, there will be thongs one spouse likes and the other does not but there has got to be something that they both like to do.

7. RESPECT THE NEED FOR SPACE- Everyone needs time to themselves at one point or another. It does not have to be secretive or wrong. It’s just time for reflection, seeking the Lord or just ‘me time’ as it’s called in some circles. Restricting this freedom/ space can be suffocating and have a negative impact on the relationship.

8. DEVELOP A LISTENING EAR – Listening is critical for effective communication, and perhaps more important than talking. It is important for couples to make a conscious effort not just to hear, but listen and understand what is being conveyed by the spouse. Pay attention during a conversation. Put away the phone, turn off the TV, or turn down the music that could be a distraction.

9. PICK THE RIGHT ARGUMENTS – There will be times when couples have heated discussion, arguments, call it what you may. You are not going to agree all the time on everything. If you do presently, it gets to a time when the one who is always agreeing gets tired and feels like a doormat! Having said this, one must note what is worth arguing about and stay away from foolish arguments. For example, the way to press toothpaste out of the tube is not a do or die situation. Just press the tube somewhere!

10. BE HONEST – Honesty they say is the best legacy. Honesty is the basis for a trusting relationship. Your spouse deserves to know the truth no matter how painful it may be. There should be no place for cheating or dishonesty in marriage.

This list is by no means all there is to this topic but it will go a long way to build a successful marriage once taken on board.

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