Do You Want to Live?




“What kind of question is this? Of course I want to live!” I can almost hear this crescendo of response from everyone reading this piece.
Let me plead for a stay of execution of your judgement for as my people would say, I’m just about to bring the bird out of the pocket.

I have learnt that waking up every morning, hitting the road and going about life as it comes   is NOT living. In the real sense of the word, living is about achieving purpose as was ordained by the Creator and enjoying life.

So now that you know what I’m about, let me show you 7 ways to live.

1.    Cherish the people in your life. Do you know?   Many times we seek to know the high and mighty’ in the land.

May I say this with no disrespect to anyone? Quit looking all around for great people to link up with; people you think will push you into your destiny.  The great people you seek are right under your nose! Charity they say after all begins at home.

Take your husband or your wife for instance if you’ve been married awhile, they must be great to stick with you year in year out sowing into your life. Have you ever stopped to think what life would be like without them?
Even if you are not married, I’m sure there are people in your life right now who have pushed you in a positive way to where you are now with their words of encouragement and other sacrificial gestures great and small.

We would do well to place such people in much higher esteem before hopping around seeking the attention of those who don’t even know we exist. Create greatness for yourself by sowing yourself into other people’s lives. Sow money, gifts, words of encouragement and anything else and see what happens.
God will  bring other great people, (even greater than what you seek right now) to you!

2.      Be oblivious to unworthy remarks. Do not allow people who don’t know your story to steal your glory! You know where you are coming from and what you’ve been through so if God gives you a moment of glory, don’t let anyone steal it from you with hurtful remarks. If you allow them then you deal with it.

Like Dr Mike Murdock (a favourite of mine, known for his words of wisdom) will say, don’t complain about what you allow.

3.      Don’t be bound by unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is like a cankerworm. It eats deep into a person’s soul and they become so obsessed with the offender they can’t even think about anything else. Who are we not to forgive others anyway when the Lord forgave us so much more even though we didn’t deserve it? Unforgiveness will stop you from achieving your purpose and you will also delay others from getting to their destinies. Remember, your destiny is tied to others. Move on in life, making things happen for others as you go along.

4.      Be yourself. It’s good to appreciate others and their abilities but it’s a different proposition when you start to wish that you could be like them. The one who created you is great and He can never run out of ideas. He created you and threw away your mould. In other words you are not supposed to be a carbon copy of somebody else, you are unique. Do not short change yourself and others around you by trying to become who you have not been called to be. You are somebody’s miracle, they are waiting on you.

5.      Choose your relationships wisely. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another the word of life says. Do not go into relationships without counting the cost of it to you or the other person. When I say this, I’m saying, is this relationship beneficial to both parties in a positive manner? For if it ’is not, then something is certainly lacking. I know there are relationships which may not fit into this category for one reason or another but I believe it makes sense to go into any relationship because you believe you can bring something to the table as well as receive from it.

Great relationships are built on giving and receiving. Hopefully, your relationships should make you a better person always ready to be a blessing to the person next door.

6.      Love yourself. I believe many of us have heard the saying, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love me? If you wake up every morning and all you say to yourself in the mirror is – I hate you, then I wonder how you see the people around you. When you are able to speak words of encouragement to yourself and lift yourself up when you are down, you will find yourself encouraging others in their times of need.

7.      Let go of the past. When I think of how many times I have looked back at my past in regret, it all seems so stupid! Yes, I meant that. I can’t change the fact that I did some things I shouldn’t have and messed up big time, I’ve also slapped and kicked myself a few times for doing so but the fact still remains I did those things. I have made up my mind that I’m not doing this to myself anymore, God has forgiven me so what else is there?

When people hear my story they have the choice of either accepting me for who I am now and we can have a ball or they can look down on me and miss out on the blessing that I could be to them period! As my people will say where I come from: if you are not old enough to lose your teeth and you do lose them , you will always cover your mouth with your hand when you want to speak meaning – I am entitled to a past like everyone else.

One thing is  sure, you can’t be much of a blessing to anyone with your eyes fixed on the past.
There, I’ve said it!

If you have found this piece useful, don’t keep silent, send in your comment. I’m waiting on you.

For now, it’s bye from me.
God bless you



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