How to Take Amazing Photos for Your Blog

Finding beautiful photographs to accompany your content is one of the most difficult aspects of running a successful blog. If you look at any of the top blogs in your niche, you’ll notice that they all have stunning graphics to accompany their content. This stands out and adds professionalism to the posts.

So, where can you find such imagery for your own blog? Investing in stock images is one of the most prevalent possibilities. This usually entails paying a price for each image or for limited access to the entire site. However, there are issues with this.

The Camera

Of course, if you can afford it, getting a nice camera is an excellent idea. If you can’t, consider taking out a PayPal loan or borrowing money from a friend. While a good phone with a 1080p sensor can work, it’s difficult to emphasise how much using a DSLR camera can help — it instantly makes an image look much more spectacular and, more importantly, far more professional.

To begin with, it implies that you are paying for the photographs, which will reduce your revenues and limit the number of images you may utilise.
Second, it implies that the photographs were taken just for your posts, implying that they will not match the blog perfectly.
On the other hand, if you can shoot great photos yourself, you can load your site with images that will inspire, that will perfectly match the content, and that you will never run out of. So, as a blogger, how do you take beautiful photos? Here are some helpful hints.

The Perspective
Another key point to remember is to consider your photograph’s angle carefully. You should make sure that your photo is dynamic and dramatic, with something interesting in the foreground, centre ground, and backdrop. Include pieces of various sizes and close proximity to generate a sense of scale and 3D depth.
It’s often just a matter of avoiding the ‘obvious’ shot. Consider how you could make any given photograph more intriguing by shifting the subject to one side or changing the viewpoint slightly.

Lighting is also crucial, and it is something that is all-too-often disregarded. Make sure your subject is well lighted, whether with artificial lighting or by considering the sun’s location in respect to the camera.

The Plot
One of the most important photography strategies is to use your photograph to tell a story. Again, instead of merely pointing and clicking, consider what the context informs you and what’s lacking.

For instance, a glass with a lipstick stain on it tells a story better than a picture of a woman drinking from the same glass – it leaves something to the imagination and that in turn makes it more dynamic and interesting.

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