Nesting In His Love

As a Minister of God, I am concerned about the situation in our homes. All around us today, we see that many marriages have been messed up. Families are breaking up at an alarming rate. Children are growing up emotionally disturbed. The institution of marriage is on the verge of collapse and disintegration. Why? Because love is lacking in many homes.

Love, in its depth and breadth, is the foundation and sustaining force of marriage and the family. It is one of the things that distinguish human beings from animals. Where it decreases, joy and fulfillment in the family also decreases.

Entering in the marriage union without LOVE is like coming into the world without a heart. As a defective heart creates untold problems for the family, love is the heart of the family. Without it, money property, children and all other things fail to give us a healthy family.

I am seriously interested in families because it is backbone of the society. The family unit is very important. If there will be love, fellowship, unity, harmony and peace in homes, the world will be a better place to live.

*SOURCE:* *Pastor W. F. Kumuyi* — *Christian Women Mirror Magazine,*


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