All We Need Is Love… that’s what the world keeps telling us. but that word, love, can be so confusing! It means everything from the way we feel about our parents to the way we feel about our favourite food. Movies tell us it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that can end as quickly as it began. We hear songs about how love hurts, how it makes the world go round, and how it can build bridges. We can read definitions of love, but is it a feeling? Is it something that just strikes us out of the blue – something out of our control?

It’s unfortunate but true, that love is something our world seems to keep looking for, but rarely finds. Relationships begin and end with lightning speed because love seems to appear and disappear without warning. Somehow we know this is just not right. But how do we change the sad facts? what exactly is love anyway?

To understand love, it’s important to go to the source and get the real definition. The Bible tells us that “God is love” (1John 4:8). So to get a handle on what love is, we have to see what God has to say about it. He says love is patient, kind, and gentle; it is not conceited, rude, or selfish. And He also says, “Love never fails” (1 Cor.13: 8). Obviously, what we call love in this crazy, self-centred world is not at all what God has in mind.

If you want to see what real love is, take a look at God’s love for you. Even when you didn’t know God, let alone love Him, He sent his son to die for you. You never earned God’s love and you never can. God loves you because He chooses to – He made a conscious choice to love you. He doesn’t just have a warm, fuzzy feeling toward you that could end tomorrow. God decided to love you and will never change his mind.

So, what is love? It is the choice to express God’s caring and compassion through your own life. It’s choosing to put the wants and needs of another ahead of your own. Love is giving your best even if you get nothing in return.

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