Make Your Marketing Emails More Effective

For those of us in the marketing of products, we need to adhere to some simple rules if our emails are going to be effective. Sometimes as a marketer I don’t want to look at my emails because there are many seeking my attention. The fact that I receive up to 5 emails from one marketer does not help me one bit. I’d say bring the emails you send out on a daily basis down to 1. Do not over send is what I’m saying!

Another thing I’d like to comment on or advise is where the subject line is concerned. Enough of those dreary long titles, let’s find something catchy and short. Talking about short, even the message itself should be short. No more waffling, get to the point and clinch it. It’s important that we bear our subscribers in mind and prepare something they will be excited to receive and read. Remember, your subject line to a great extent will determine where your email will end up – the bin or your to-do list.

Another thing of importance whilst we are on the subject is consistency and not so much the time of day at which it is sent. If your subscriber likes your brand they will look forward to your emails at the time you usually send it. I for one am a morning person but it doesn’t stop me from looking forward to some emails that may come in the afternoon.

Before we move away from this topic, I can’t afford to forget about a call to action. The whole essence of the email is to bring something of value to the attention of your subscriber and get them to act on the information presented. Place an embedded call to action button where it’s visible making sure that it is functional too so that the subscriber ends up on the right page.

Finally, show appreciation to your wonderful subscribers whose clicks and reads turn into sales every time.

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