Tell Me, Who Are You???

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In today’s world of duplication and repackaging, it is not uncommon to see a lot of attempts at bringing out a better product to the one originally thought of by someone else. It’s not a wonder that many people don’t even know who they really are as they dash off seeking ways to look like or become someone else. From this perspective, the natural question to ask of people in general and especially those who belong to this category is WHO ARE YOU? This relationship blogs seeks to shed light in this area.
    For a start, anyone who can answer the questions below is well on the way to knowing who they are.  For instance, if you know what your purpose is – good. You can run with it and stay focused. On the other hand if you don’t know your purpose, it’s still ok. What you must do is search your heart and this goes for all the questions.
*  Do you know your purpose? this may be the most crucial question this relationship blogs can ask and hopefully you can answer the question.
Know why you are here on planet earth; establish your mission statement and that will keep you on track every time.*  What are your values?
What are those things you hold dear? Or does everything and anything appeal to you? Stand for something or you will fall for anything and everything.
* What are your needs?
Do you find your real worth in being acknowledged? Do you allow others to be themselves around you or do you have to be in control always? Do you like to be left alone sometimes or all the time?  What do you really want in life?
*  What are you passionate about?
What gives you the adrenalin rush? Do you get angry when you hear certain things? For me, stories of rape in the paper make me really angry!   You will know what requires your attention when you recognise what fuels your emotions.* Are you peaceful?
Do you seek peace with yourself and others always? Do you look inwards to see how you feel from time to time? When you feel unsettled on the inside of you do you ask yourself questions or do you just move on without giving it any thought?*  What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What are your positive characteristics? What can you do very well? Do you receive compliments in a certain area where your skills are concerned? This is an indication of your abilities. Your self-confidence will increase when you can share what you know with others. Also, you must know what your weaknesses are in order for you to stay away from things/persons that encourage them.*  Do you give of yourself freely?
Be true to yourself, live out your purpose and be a blessing to all around you without fearing what anyone may think of you.Let me conclude by saying, above all else seek to know Jesus and other things will fall into their rightful places. Follow through on the advice within this relationship blogs and you will attain the height which God has ordained for you.
God bless you richly.Grace

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Give Me A Simple Life!

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Daily Living Advice

Once upon a time we lived in a world void of all sophistication yet so simple. Nowadays, we live in a world with so much to make life easy yet so cumbersome. Only the other day I read about a young lady who got electrocuted whilst trying to pick up a call from her mobile phone which was still plugged to the mains.  What a life!

We go from day to day busy as ever, moving from one thing to another; thinking a million thoughts as we go along in the attempt to make things work. In our busyness we forget to focus on the things that really matter and rub one another up on the wrong side resulting in a lot of pain and frustration.

It makes you wonder whether we can ever retrace our steps and go back to that simple way of living. I know we can but it will involve a conscious effort on the part of each and every one of us.

As I rummaged through my mind I came up with some thoughts which I have been putting into practice and I’d like to share them with you, so here they are:

  1. You are neither a psychologist nor mind reader so quit trying to be one!  Don’t assume what the other person is thinking; let them put their thoughts into words before you conclude. Speak your mind too, don’t expect others to read your mind but note this – don’t say too much if you don’t want it coming back to bite you on the back!
  2. Yes, he who wants friends must show himself friendly.
You don’t have to be everybody’s friend, however, be friendly towards others.  Place a premium on your friendships and prove your mettle
by being a reliable friend.
3. Don’t let the mobile phone run your life.
I tell you, it can be so rude at times, ringing when you least expect. It is often just when you are into something very important that it will  ring. You can’t even take a breather, Lord have mercy!
I say, shut that thing down once a while and don’t even go near it.
4. Make sure you get enough sleep! 
A few hours of sleep may be enough for some, but for me, I need at least 7 hours especially those hours between 10pm and 5am. Although I don’t always get it I still try.
I can hear you laughing at me but that’s the truth. When I don’t get enough sleep I’m no good to anyone, I bite!
5.Be willing to say you are sorry even when you are right to allow peace reign. 
Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand why they behave the way they do;don’t bear grudges.  If someone took your wife or husband, ask God for the grace to forgive and move on.I do not by any stretch of imagination pretend that it is an easy option to take and neither do I need to hear the echo of disapproval to know how difficult a situation it can be. Don’t get stuck in a rut is all I’m saying.

6.  Delegation? Yes and No!
Now don’t get me started here. Many times I hear people talk about delegating to others things they can do ordinarily to make room or more time for them to rest. I find that very annoying because to me, it’s like a vicious cycle.
The person who has been delegated to has work of their own and all the person who delegates has done is stolen time off them to suit self! The solution in my opinion is for each and everyone
to do what they can and as much as they can do  without unnecessary stress.

Let’s face it, the sky will not fall if some things are left undone. I know this can be very controversial but nevertheless it is a view which I honestly stand for. By all means delegate when it’s absolutely necessary and it’s
the place of the other person to do this task. But don’t dump stuff on others!

7.  Don’t even try to please everyone.
I can tell you right now, you can’t! Please God and forget everyone else (Lol). That way, you’ll please many more people.

Now if these points don’t simplify your life, I don’t know what will.

There’s a book I read a while ago by Joyce Meyer which really blessed me, titled: 

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life – £8.99 (Paperback); £6.99 (Kindle)
If you want a copy  visit or

This is where I take my leave and say goodbye. I’ll catch up with you some other time.

God bless you.