I Don’t Have Enemies!



If you could have a conversation with water this minute, it would most probably come up with a statement that reads just like the title above, “I Don’t Have Enemies”.

Back in my home country, there used to be a singer very well known for his colourful lyrics and boisterous beats; he sang a song which says – water, e no get enemy! that’s broken or pidgin english language for those of us who this seems foreign to.

Now that’s a truth, water has no enemies and I dare anyone to come forward to say otherwise. Maybe my first daily living advice in this post should be – do not take water on as an enemy, it’s a lost battle!

Perhaps by way of a little digression here, I anticipate opinions pointing out the problems resulting from water like flooding or drowning. My candid answer to this is to ask this question – what on earth does not become a problem when it is excessive?

Having established this fact let’s spend some time looking at water, what makes it so important and what are its benefits. Daily living advice is of no use if it can’t be put to use or if one doesn’t know it’s importance.

Interestingly, the adult human body of a man is about 65% water, a woman is about 55% and that of a newborn baby is much more being 78%. This will account for the reason why it’s always an issue when the body lacks water, making the skin lose its lustre, become wrinkled and dry. For those of us who have experienced the pain of swollen legs and ankles we know that when we don’t drink enough water it makes the situation worse, however, when we do drink enough water the problem just about ceases to exist.

Let me share something I was told a while back – when you don’t drink enough water, your body holds on to the little you give it which results in the swelling experienced in parts of the body. This is because the body is scared that it might not get any more  in a long while. Drink sufficient water and you are telling your body to let go of what it receives because more is coming. This analogy has stayed with me over the years so I drink water, period. Now, if that isn’t good daily living advice to you, I don’t know what is (Lol).

Let me also share a few tricks with you 
1) As soon as you wake in the morning from those long, beautiful hours of sleep, get off the bed into the kitchen and drink at least 2 tall glasses of cool water, I drink 3 glasses (1.5 litres) and it works!. Listen, it must be taken as soon as you wake, with that stale taste in your mouth. I tell you, a few minutes later you will rush to the loo for a download (I guess you know what I mean, lol).

2) Drink a tall glass of water last thing before you go to bed, you will find that you are more alert the next day when you wake without the usual sluggishness.

3) For those who don’t do much exercise, don’t worry. How? Drink hot water at every opportunity and you will sweat the stubborn fat off. I’m very much into this and I can tell you it works. Now, this is not to say I don’t exercise, I do!

So there, you’ve learnt at least 5 benefits of drinking water, let’s recap:
1) you get to download more often.
2) You can stop the swelling in your body.
3) You can be more alert in the morning.
4) You can lose weight the easier way.
5) Your skin looks and feels much healthier (softer & smoother).

On this note I say bye.
Just before I do, in parting I want to say if you enjoy these articles and find them inspiring like you say you do in your feedback/comments let me encourage you to forward them to your friends and family.

Have an awesome week!


Are you disorganized?


Dear Friends,

Today, we are back to the issue of life skills. Don’t forget what I said in an earlier post about life skills being skills that pave way to life in a few words.

Without order in your life, you can never progress. You are God’s creation and He loves order and that’s what you see as you observe how He created the world in 6 days.
Have you ever felt like you’ve got a million and one things to do but don’t know where to start?
Or have you looked at your working area lately and everything is all over the place and you can’t find a thing? I know the feeling, I’ve been there, in fact I was there this last week just gone by. This may sound funny to some of you,knowing me to be an administrator among other things and yes, I know I should do better but the reality is that I bite off more than I can chew just like the rest of us from time to time.

I don’t know about you but whenever I get this feeling, with it comes a downer, a loss of joy of some sort. I tell myself that I’m not going to do this to myself again but guess what, I find it still happens.

Right, enough about me! Let me share what I found recently with you, I’m sure you can’t wait to find out what it is.


What’s A (Dis)organized Person To Do? Yeah, that’s the title, by Stacey Platt. I believe it can help those of us who fall too many times into this situation called ‘disorganized’.

It’s informative, actionable and easy to read. The information is laid out in very easy to grasp nuggets. There are suggestions for short projects so as to avoid being overwhelmed. I was so inspired that I started cleaning out and organizing six years of garage clutter – not an appealing task. You will enjoy a much brighter world after reading this book, one reader said.

Clear space = clear mind and this book offered me tips that have truly changed my quality of life. With guidance on everything from filing organization to healthy working habits, “What’s a (Dis)organized Person To Do” covers all the bases in a convenient flip-through form.– A reader.

Read what this reader has to say: Move over Martha! This organizing guru’s guide even got my husband’s interest. In fact, it lives on his newly neatened bedside table.

So men, pick up on this one. It’s not only for the ladies it’s for you too.

To get a copy, visit Abebooks.co.uk today!
Paperback £8.96

Well, a word is enough for the wise like they say, never mind who “they” are.
You need help, here it is so take it. Lol