Novel Reading

For many Christians it seems reading novels is a long forgotten hobby as the burying of their heads in the Bible studying and meditating on the Word takes preemiñence over other forms of reading and rightly so. I know because I am guilty of that too. It’s as if no other book exists outside of the Bible and again I say, rightly so. Reading belongs to the class of life skills and must be taken seriously.

The Bible is the book of life! However, reading novels, I mean the right kind of novel has its benefits.  For one thing it could help us all in building one of the essential life skills. Whether fiction, romance, thrillers, historical, true stories, or any other that may catch your interest, there is something to be gained from reading them and this is apart from the knowledge gained from the content. Other benefits are:
– a better grasp of the English language in application (reading, writing and speaking).
– it creates an atmosphere of relaxation
– it alleviates Stress
– the ability to see the world from other people’s perspective and much more.

In todays’ world it is crucial that every individual be equipped with life skills that can bring the bread home. Now don’t get hyper-spiritual and tell me the Word can cater for the above and all that because I would then have to ask you why God gave you a soul if He didn’t want you to feed it at all.
So don’t go there, ok (laugh out loud).

Right, I’ve said my piece for today. Have a wonderful day!




selfHi Y’all

I’m back this time with something fresh, it’s about being SIMPLE!

Just before we go into this, let’s share a few words on relationship blogs. What are relationship blogs?

Relationship blogs deal with existing relationships, which could be a relationship with self; marital, family relationships, friendships and so on. No man is an island and it’s crucial for everyone to build edifying and especially relevant wholesome relationships.

This relationship blog is about you. So, let me ask you – Do you have a good relationship with yourself? or do you know who you are? The reason why relationship blogs like this exist is to give you the much needed pointers in the right direction.
The question is, are you SIMPLE? if your answer is ‘No’, then this is for you.
Discover what it means to be SIMPLE right here:-
S – Single
Single (not as in being without a spouse but as in being singular/peculiar).
You are one, the only one. You are unique!
What can I say? You stand out; there is none other like you.
God created you and threw away the mould. No one was created by God exactly like you with the same characteristics, weaknesses and strengths. You are you and no other person. You shouldn’t seek to be any other.
This truth must be grasped by you otherwise you will sell yourself short.

I – Individual
You are an individual with your own ways of thinking and doing things.
Apart from God, you should have the final say on what you do with your life and consequently what you want to become. Let no one deceive you into believing that you must be what they want you to be. Yes, by all means seek good counsel when necessary but know when to just settle down and hear from God. At the end of the day, you will answer to God and no other for the decisions you took.

M – Mature
Are you petty in the thoughts you entertain? How do you approach the things pertaining to life and furthermore the people around you? Do you take offence at every little thing? How about your emotions, do they run you all over the place at the slightest provocation or are you stable. What I’m saying in essence is, are you whole?

P – Principled
A principled person has a set of core values or standards that they live by. They set boundaries for their lives, moreover they guard such with diligence. They respect others and will not place themselves in a position of disrespect. A lady refuses to receive phone calls from men speaking irrelevancies at odd hours of the night especially when she’s in bed! That’s just one example.

L – Loving & Lovable
Loving God, yourself and in addition others must be a priority on your list. Are you loving, caring and compassionate? Do you receive love from others or shove it back to the giver? Treat others as you would like to be treated. Remember the rule of love is – love your neighbour (your neighbour being everyone you come into contact with), as yourself.

E – Excited & Excellent
Having attained the S, the I, the M, the P and the L as in the previous paragraphs, you should be Excited as an achiever to be Excellent about who you are and hence what you are doing or are called to do. Seek to achieve excellence by walking with likeminded people. Do you see someone who is already where you would like to be? Ask them questions, let them guide and show you also how to get there.

Once again I ask, are you SIMPLE?
Get going, enjoy life to the fullest and be yourself! This should be your goal.
If you are not married but desire to be, don’t seek a life partner thinking he/she is the one to make you happy. You must be happy to an extent on your own. Yes, they must complement you but don’t hinge your life’s expectations on them. If on the other hand you are married then I guess you have found out the above all by yourself lol( laugh out loud).

Thank you for taking the time out today to be with me.