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We provide services that are second to none, in the following areas:

Proofreading – We proofread all documents including essays, articles, manuscripts, presentations etc.

Editing – where required all varieties of documents are refined and adapted to standards of distinction. Including line editing, the act of examining a piece of writing on the level of craft, making sure the language is creative and concise, while the content is consistent and compelling.

Writing – we engage in various types of writing projects. This covers penalty letters; cleaning up and editing an indelicate draft from the client; or preparing from scratch all those reports, articles, stories or other texts as may be required . 

 Typing and Data entry inputting -You need sweat no more if you don’t like this kind of tasks. At GOA we do! So speak to us today and get the results you’ve always wanted.

For proofreading services, our scale of charges is set out in the table below.

NUMBER OF PAGES  ESTIMATE/WORD (Based on 250 words per page)

UP TO 60                                       0.0080 
UP TO 80                                       0.0072 
UP TO 100                                     0.0068
UP TO 200                                    0.0066
OVER 200                                       0.0064

In real terms, our charges translate to less than one penny per word and almost half of a penny per word for documents above 200 pages.

All charges above are quoted in British pound.

However, we would like to dialogue with you on specific requirements. Please use our feedback form or send a mail to our address at

Please contact us for pricing on our writing and editing services.

Thank you for visiting.


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