Who Are You???? (Purpose)



While in today’s world of duplication and repackaging, it is not uncommon to see a lot of attempts at bringing out a better product to the one originally thought of by someone else. It’s not a wonder that many people lack purpose, they don’t even know who they really are as they dash off seeking ways to look like or consequently become someone else. From this perspective, the natural question to ask of people in general and especially those who belong to this category is WHO ARE YOU?

For a start, anyone who can answer the questions below is well on the way to knowing who they are. For instance, if you know what your purpose is – good. You can run with it and stay focused. On the other hand if you don’t know your purpose, it’s still ok.  What you must do is search your heart and this goes for all the questions.

* Do you know your purpose?
Know why you are here on planet earth; especially relevant establish your mission statement and that will keep you on track every time.

* What are your values?
What are those things you hold dear? furthermore does everything and anything appeal to you? Stand for something or you will consequently fall for anything and everything.

* Needs?
Is your real worth found in being acknowledged? furthermore, do you allow others to be themselves around you or  you must be in control always? Do you like to be left alone sometimes or all the time? Also, what do you really want in life?

*  your passions?
What gives you the adrenalin rush? Do you get angry when you hear certain things? For me, stories of rape in the paper make me really angry! You will know what requires your attention when you recognise what fuels your emotions.

* Are you peaceful?
Do you seek peace with yourself and with others also? Do you look inwards to see how you feel from time to time? When you feel unsettled on the inside of you do you ask yourself questions or do you just move on without giving it any thought?

* Strengths and weaknesses?
What are your positive characteristics? Also, what can you do very well? Do you receive compliments in a certain area where your skills are concerned? This is an indication of your abilities. Your self-confidence will increase when you can share what you know with others. Also, you must know what your weaknesses are in order for you to stay away from things/persons that encourage them.

* Do you give of yourself freely?
Be true to yourself, live out your purpose and be a blessing to all around you without fearing what anyone may think of you while you forge forward.

Let me conclude by saying, above all else seek to know Jesus and other things will fall into their rightful places.

Ta for now.
God bless you richly.


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