All About Respect (for the young)

In the military, new recruits are taught that they must respect their commanders at all times and without question. Although recruits may disagree with their leaders’ decisions or their lifestyles, respect is still required just because of their position as leaders.

In much the same way, God calls you to respect your parents. They are in the position to lead your family and to train you. Even when you disagree with your parents, you are called to respect them just because they are your mom and dad – they have a God-given place of authority.

Respect means that you obey their instruction – let it guide you and protect you. God influences your life directly through the leadership of your parents. It’s the way He set things in order. It’s the design that works best. You glorify God when you respect your parents.

The above text is taken from the EXTREME TEEN STUDY BIBLE

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