Successful Marriage Couples Put Each Other First

Marriage is a union of two people who come together professing undying love. They want to do the will of God. They come together and must bond together to the exclusion of all others.

Based on the definition above, it can be very frustrating when a spouse feels that he is not being put first above others. It could be frustrating when a wife keeps running back to her parents or when the husband can’t be the man in his home but keeps seeking his mother’s opinion.

Successful marriages have become so because they have learnt that this is not just two people living together but is a laboratory where the process of one flesh has started. The Bible talks about leaving and cleaving. The husband is to love and honour his wife. A woman will go to any length if she understands what she is getting. She will respond to a loving and honouring husband. All a man wants is a wife who understands that submission is not about being a slave and losing your personality, it’ s just that like a ship, marriage can only have one captain.

It’s important to note that it really is a dishonour to a spouse whenever another person is placed above them.

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