Balancing Business and Personal Life

Life today is quite fast and for many, quite an uphill task. Balancing Business and Personal Life is absolutely necessary.

Many families find that they don’t spend much time together. Couples wake up in the morning and find their way to their day jobs while the children go to school and end up in the evening back home ready for bed. The cycle is repeated day in day out.

The questions below are tips or pointers in the right direction for couples and families who find themselves in this dilemma:

  1. On  an average working day, how much time do you spend with your family/spouse? Some have to travel long distances to get to work, they most probably have to leave home very early in the morning to get to a 9 am job; They usually leave work around 6.30 pm to get home for say about 8 pm or later. This doesn’t leave much time to relate with one another.  It becomes necessary to do as much communication via whats app or other means by having a family chat.
  2. What are your favourite extracurricular activities? Do you and your family have something in common that you like to do together? It’s good to take family holidays together. If you all like to ski, how about taking a holiday in Colorado?
  3. How long a vacation do you take? You may want to take your holidays a week at a time, making yourself available to your family if you are the one who spends most of the time away at work.
  4. On the average, how many hours do you work? Be honest with yourself. Yes, you work hard but have you resisted becoming a workaholic?  You may enjoy your work but it’s important to retain some balance here. If you allow yourself to work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, you would never know your family. You may wake up some day and wonder what it was all for.
  5. Do you have principles that help you run your personal life? One of such could be to treat others decently and fairly. Much of your success in life, be it at work; within your own endeavour or relationships will depend on how well you relate to people. You must have people who want to be with, work with, respect and like you.

Finally, if over-work is threatening your home life, decrease the job level, especially if you are engaging in work that should be handled by your colleagues.



Give Encouragement

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A Picture of me
Grace Aremu

Give Encouragement

Today’s world is  a mixed bag of all sorts. Gone are the days when everything used to be streamlined and there was  right and there was wrong. Back in those days, if you were wrong in doing something the whole world knew you were wrong and you were dealt with by family and friend for being wrong.

In this day and age even the things that used to be wrong are now right and vice versa – it looks like somebody  moved the goal post! This I believe  has called for the need for all to give encouragement to others as and when the need arises.

Encouragement is needed and I hear you say why?  For anyone to have enough confidence to put forward what they believe in this day and age calls for a staunch support system. As mentioned  before, it’s kind of scary when what you know to be right has now become wrong in the eyes of the world. Even our children, need a lot of encouragement from parents and others to build a wholesome self esteem.

I know it’s a fallacy to want to live ones life expecting the world to like  you. That mentality can only result in disappointment to a great extent.  On the other hand it’s good to know that you have a group of people who respect your views. They love and appreciate you as a person if push comes to shove.

Encouragement is necessary and of much importance to everyone of us especially  when we feel down. Storms of life can hit so hard at times, we often find it difficult to move on. Anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to this I’m sure.

We seek words of encouragement from those we cherish when we want to take major steps in life. It could be a decision to build a particular business or venture into something way out of our league. These are times when we are unsure of self and a word of encouragement makes all the difference.

Having said all of this, I want to say the greatest source of encouragement is the Word of God – the Bible.

I’ll have you know that even David the King encouraged himself in the Word. So let’s be there for the people around us giving them the loving words of encouragement from the throne of God.


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