So You want to be an Affiliate Marketer. Read this to see if you’ve got the right stuff!

Have you got what it takes to be an online marketer?
Read this and decide for yourself whether you have what it takes?

To be a successful online marketer, liken yourself to being a dog chewing on a bone.
That means gnarling away hungrily to post and promote every day – or at least as often as you can.
You can’t expect to make sales if you don’t constantly gnaw on that bone called promotion.

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Promotion, and the need for constant promotion is the one thing that many new marketers take a long time to fully grasp.
Many underestimate how much promotion you must do to see results and give up far too soon.

Grow a thick skin.
When you contact people (people who’ve actually ASKED for the information) you’re going to hear things like “GET ME OFF THIS LIST” or ” I never asked for this information” or “how did you get my email address/phone number?”  Learn how to convert the negative energy of rejection into the positive energy of moving forward.  Move on to the next person, lead or prospect. The Internet is a massive place, if this person isn’t interested in your offer the next person is waiting. The more you post, the more you promote, the more you connect with people, and the MORE sales you make. Be nice, build relationships with people and you will gain lifetime customers. If you can’t do that or don’t want to do that you will never make it as a successful marketer.

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