Share A Healthy View of Each Other’s Relations

In-laws and out-laws: Relations are important. They are the ones who raised your spouse but none the less, many have out of zeal and desire to protect their son or daughter hurt the marriage they have gone into.

Successful marriages have learnt how to develop a healthy view of their spouse’s relations. This they do without allowing them to control their destiny. There are different types of problems, which can come up.

First among them of course is immature parents. These kind of parents keep close ties with their children. They unnecessarily impose laws and rules wanting to know how things run in the marriage of their children. Why? because they are still suffering from Oedipus complex – a disease that makes a person not want to release a son or daughter.

Unhealthy relationships can also come up when the spouses themselves depend on one of the parents for economic deliverance. That is why no matter how economically sound it is, it is unwise to be started in business by your father or mother in-law. It is also unwise to go and live in an apartment with them or belonging to them, even if it is for a short period. The damage done by such economically convenient arrangement will remain in your marriage for quite a long time.

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Successful Marriage Couples Put Each Other First

Marriage is a union of two people who come together professing undying love. They want to do the will of God. They come together and must bond together to the exclusion of all others.

Based on the definition above, it can be very frustrating when a spouse feels that he is not being put first above others. It could be frustrating when a wife keeps running back to her parents or when the husband can’t be the man in his home but keeps seeking his mother’s opinion.

Successful marriages have become so because they have learnt that this is not just two people living together but is a laboratory where the process of one flesh has started. The Bible talks about leaving and cleaving. The husband is to love and honour his wife. A woman will go to any length if she understands what she is getting. She will respond to a loving and honouring husband. All a man wants is a wife who understands that submission is not about being a slave and losing your personality, it’ s just that like a ship, marriage can only have one captain.

It’s important to note that it really is a dishonour to a spouse whenever another person is placed above them.

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Talk About Home

What comes to your mind when you think ‘home’? You most likely think of the people in your life, as in family – mum, dad, brother/sister, exactly! These are the people God has placed in your life for the purpose of making you a better you if you will permit them to.

Many times, we do not appreciate the people God has placed in our lives. Guess what? it doesn’t make them less valuable, and it does not remove the fact that they are gifts to us. Do you know that the home you come from is a very important part of you, and always will be. No one knows you like your family and that’s a fact!

As mentioned, your family know much more about you than anyone else. They love you like nobody else can at least for now until you get married. Of course, they will drive you up the wall from time to time. Now, when times like this arise, one may get fed up and feel like the family is the enemy.

As we talk about family, it is pertinent to know that God didn’t put you in this family by mistake. Each and every member in the home is there for a reason. Each one has something to teach you or learn from you. You are meant to love and serve one another. In the process, you will learn how to accept and love the rest of the world in a healthy manner.

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