Talk About Home

What comes to your mind when you think ‘home’? You most likely think of the people in your life, as in family – mum, dad, brother/sister, exactly! These are the people God has placed in your life for the purpose of making you a better you if you will permit them to.

Many times, we do not appreciate the people God has placed in our lives. Guess what? it doesn’t make them less valuable, and it does not remove the fact that they are gifts to us. Do you know that the home you come from is a very important part of you, and always will be. No one knows you like your family and that’s a fact!

As mentioned, your family know much more about you than anyone else. They love you like nobody else can at least for now until you get married. Of course, they will drive you up the wall from time to time. Now, when times like this arise, one may get fed up and feel like the family is the enemy.

As we talk about family, it is pertinent to know that God didn’t put you in this family by mistake. Each and every member in the home is there for a reason. Each one has something to teach you or learn from you. You are meant to love and serve one another. In the process, you will learn how to accept and love the rest of the world in a healthy manner.

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Husbands and Housework

As more wives head off to work, a greater number of husbands are being forced to engage in household chores. Gone forever are those days. Days when the man could stay home, with his feet up on a poofy. Days when the wife worked her bones off. Getting the dinner, and the children ready all at the same time were the in thing.

Research has shown that husbands are not enthusiastic about house work. 88% of men say that husbands should at least help out around the house, it makes you wonder. Wonder as to the honesty of it. More than half agree the chores should be evenly divided, whether or not the wives have jobs.

Many husbands, support their wives, undertaking such tasks as washing the dishes, shopping, cooking, and cleaning the bathroom. The truth be told, women tend to be attracted to men who have a domestic side to them. Three-quarters of men, mind you, believe that bathroom cleaning is the wife’s job! Golly! are we still in the 50’s? Many husbands only pay lip service to the idea of helping out. Are you surprised to hear that? The strongest proponents of a woman’s right to a professional career are men under 35 years old. Yet within this age range there is still a high percentage of husbands who do little around the house.

Most husbands believe that the household is better off if the woman stays home. Preferring the woman to stay home raising the children and care for the house. Well, like I mentioned above, those days are gone forever. Not too many women want to stay home these days. A woman would have to be a home girl like me to stay home. I’m a home girl but I don’t get to stay home!

Men, over to you- where do you stand as you read this?

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