Some of our satisfied clients have given much appreciated feedback regarding our services below here:

I decided to use GOA proofreading and editing service because I wanted a second opinion on my already edited work. I have previously heard about their excellent service so had no hesitation in using them. I have to say I was totally impressed by the execution and integrity of their service. I recommend GOA services and will definitely be using their services again. Onyi A

I had a challenge when I cancelled my car insurance earlier than the agreed terms. The insurers wanted to charge me huge sums due to this. A letter was written on my behalf by GOA Services and the insurance company waivered the early cancellation fee. I only had to pay £44.00 admin fee instead of a total of £450. Christie JB

I was involved in a serious road traffic accident recently. On the advice of friends I instructed a firm of solicitors to assist in claiming compensation for my personal injuries which include among others two broken legs. At some point it appeared there was some unnecessary delay in the pursuit of the claim by the solicitors. With the assistance of GOA Services who wrote letters on my behalf and followed the case up, I have been able to collect my compensation. Roselyn TA

Very good service received, would definitely recommend to others. CTA

Application form proofread and edited
Just wanted to say thank you, I got an interview at the HCPC. CA

Feedback on Some of our Articles

1) Do You Want to Live?

Thanks for this information. I agree with you totally about the views you have expressed. Quite true and edifying. FM

2) Winning in Life

This is another great and powerful message. Keep winning. BF

3) I Don’t Have Enemies!

Awesome. Thanks for reminding us. CN

4) How to Love Self and Others

This is so so simple yet profound and…..for me, timely. It put some, “Major smile” on my face…..So thank you for it. CI

5)How to Live a Progressive Life

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your weekly e mails. They are truly inspiring. TCK