Writing A Book that Catches Attention.

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A lot of us struggle with the task of writing a book and not only that, but writing to catch the reader’s attention seeing that should be the whole purpose. We all have our different experiences in life so it can equally be assumed that we all have something which the next person can learn from. Have you heard the saying: “No man is an island?”, I’m sure you have. So there you go, we all can learn from one another. The question though is how do you get the attention of others? I mean, you have the information that can set someone free from whatever it is that challenges them but how do you get them to pick up your piece, give it a look and another look? The answer to this question can be found in the tips given below:

  1. Step away from the norm and come up with a very catchy title.
    Remember, writing to gain the attention of the reader is of the essence at this point, without which they may not even bother to pick up the book to see what it’s about. An eye catching and interest drawing title will make people at least look at your book.

2.Attention, now you’ve got it!
What do I mean? Now that the title of your book has gained their attention, make sure you keep it by starting off with an impressive first paragraph.
Don’t forget the saying, ‘first impressions count’. Just like any interview, what you do or say at the onset needs to appeal to the interviewer for if it doesn’t you are cooked if you know what I mean. Likewise, if your writing, especially in the first paragraph doesn’t keep your reader’s attention, they will put your book down!
Introduce your paragraph with a question or something witty but whatever you do, choose your words wisely.

  1. Make instances/past experiences an engaging part of the book.
  2. Writing your book as if you are having a conversation with the reader makes the book more interesting.
  3. Do not write lengthy paragraphs.Long paragraphs are very hard on the eye and will ensure that the reader loses interest when they flip through the book whilst making up their minds whether to buy it or not.

Well, I’ve told you what I know; now it’s your turn.
Go do it and let me know as you get on. When you’re done, if you need a Proofreader, remember GOA Services.